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10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

We’ve put together a list of what we believe to be the 10 most important questions to ask your wedding DJ. Enjoy!

#1- Is your company insured?

This is the most important question to ask your DJ. Wedding venues require all vendors to be insured. Some venues will also require vendors to list the venue as an additionally insured party.

A company backed by the appropriate insurance is also an indication of professionalism. The company in question should have a policy containing Commercial General Liability Insurance, with a minimum of 1 Million dollars coverage.

#2- What is your Pre-Planning Process?

There may be up to several dozen important details you will need to effectively communicate to your wedding DJ. A true professional will have their own custom method to capture and organize the information you provide them.

#3- How long has your company been in business?

-How many years of wedding experience does our DJ have?

The more experience, the better!

#4- What is the booking process?

-Is there a contract involved?

Most DJ’s require a deposit/retainer fee to hold your date.

A company providing a valid, legal contract is an indication of professionalism. Never hire a vendor that does not use a contract!

#5- When do we meet our DJ?

Every DJ company assigns of their DJ’s differently. We recommend you choose a company that will introduce you to your DJ before you sign a contract and officially book. You will be able to ask questions directly, gauge their personality, and make sure they will be a good fit with your guests.

#6- What is your policy on meetings, site visits, and general communication?

A proper DJ company should be willing to schedule meetings upon request, visit the wedding site with their clients, and be consistent with communication.

#7- Will the DJ be able to MC the event?

It is common to think about music first when talking to your wedding DJ. Before you start making your playlist, ask the DJ about their MC abilities. You should choose a DJ who can control the flow of events, make excellent introductions, and supervise the schedule.

#8 How many sound systems/speakers does my package include?

Most weddings take place in 2 or 3 different parts of the venue. Your DJ should be able to provide full sound systems in every location, with microphones.

Avoid using a DJ with limited speakers; They will have to move their equipment in the middle of your wedding to accommodate.

#9- What kind of lighting is included with my package?

Lighting Options are available in Package B & Package C.

#10- What is the final cost?

DJ’s sometimes charge for travel, set up, tear down, equipment moves, and more. Make sure all charges are brought to attention before signing a contract. The final price should always be stated on the contract.

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