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Uplights; Add Beauty Anywhere

Uplights are the perfect devices when you are looking for Decor, AND Party Lighting.

Denver's favorite wedding decor gets even better when you use Denver Lighting and DJ Services.

Our Uplights are top-of-the-line. They are strong, sleek, discreet, and wireless.

However, what really matters in our opinion is how you use them. Our approach to Uplighting is unique and extraordinary. We wirelessly control and manipulate the Uplights in real time. You are no longer stuck with one static color the entire night! We can provide ANY color, plus UV, at any time we choose.

Our Uplights can also be manipulated to enhance dancing portions of your event as well. We can run Auto Programs, Sound Activated Programs, Strobe, and more! The result is magnificent; It will turn any venue into a night club.

See for yourself!

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